How To Jump Start Your Car

Taken from automyze.theaa.com

If your car is turning over, but simply will not start it could mean your battery is flat. If you have a charged power pack to hand you can jump start your car on your own. However if you don’t, you will need another vehicle to feed the power from. Before you jump start your vehicle, consult the manufacturer’s handbook, as each vehicle will have its own unique procedure.

Before jump starting

  • Make sure all electrics and lights are switched off and remove the key from the ignition.
  • If the engine is cool, lift the bonnet and secure it with the hood support rod. Give the battery a quick assessment. If it is leaking or corroded you should not attempt to jump start it, instead call your local Garage or find a technician who can look at it for you.
  • Take off any loose clothing, roll up your sleeves and remove any metal as this can cause sparks.
  • Do not smoke while under the bonnet of any vehicle.

How to jump start using jump leads

  • Make sure the ignition is switched off on both vehicles with the keys removed. Lift and secure the bonnets.
  • Connect the red cable to the positive terminal on the dead battery, and then connect the other red cable to the positive terminal on the good battery. Make sure they are both secure.
  • Connect the black lead to the negative terminal on the good battery.
  • Connect the other black lead to an earth point away from the battery on the engine block (not to the negative terminal on the dead battery).
  • Leave it like this for three minutes while the battery voltages to equalise.
  • After three minutes, start the engine on the good vehicle. Be patient and allow it to run for ten minutes. After ten minutes, try and start the engine on the vehicle with the dead battery. Allow this to run for a further ten minutes. After ten minutes you should be able to turn the engines off on both vehicles and remove the leads. The leads must be removed in reverse order.
  • Remove the black lead from the earth point.
  • Remove the black lead from the negative terminal on the battery.
  • Remove the red lead from the good vehicle’s positive battery terminal. Remove the final red lead from the other positive terminal.
  • You are then ready to check the car has enough charge to start.

If you are having trouble with you car starting we can take a look at it for you and replace your battery if required.  As an AA approved garage you can be assured that your car is in good hands with Corbridge Road Garage and any work carried out is done to the highest standards.

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